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IP Week @ SG is the world’s premier Intellectual Property (IP) event which brings together IP thought leaders, legal experts and innovative enterprises. The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) tasked Metia with building awareness and generating ticket sales for IP Week @ SG 2019, the cornerstone event of the IPOS annual calendar.


  • Branding Strategy

Content at the core
IPOS needed to spark and sustain interest with each audience group.
Given the diversity of interest between global business leaders, policy makers, lawyers and academics, a single overarching narrative would not work. Instead, Metia helped IPOS develop separate narratives and content streams for each segment, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and motivations of each target persona.
This approach led to content that informed, educated and stimulated action from the each of the target audiences at the heart of the campaign.

Establishing an audience to test and adapt
Using Metia’s advanced Micro Profiling techniques we were able to analyze the IPOS audience ecosystem to understand the attributes and motivations that defined each target persona. Using this insight, the Metia Demand team were able to create tailored streams of highly targeted, relevant content to support the entire sales funnel.
Throughout the campaign Metia’s Active Optimization approach provided a proactive cadence to testing, adapting and correcting strategy. The team were able to test content hypothesis mid-campaign, delivering outcome-led performance improvement by shifting budget quickly behind campaign streams that were providing the most value to IPOS.


  • 47,850 Site Visits
  • 1,800,000 Social Media Impressions

Increased awareness, increased sales
The approach taken by IPOS and Metia was a significant commercial success, resulting in 1,690 ticket sales directly attributed to the campaign.

The campaign reached 1,804,914 users across LinkedIn and Facebook, generating 47,850 clicks to the IP Week @ SG website, exceeding IPOS’s targets by 53% and 157% respectively.

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