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Cirque du Soleil is the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. The Montreal-based entertainment company is famed for delighting audiences with mesmerizing theatrics alongside a sophisticated performance.

Widely known among English-speaking fans, Cirque du Soleil wanted to expand their audience for the Vancouver production of Totem. They came to Major Tom to craft a campaign targeting Vancouver's Chinese-speaking population.


  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

To engage a Chinese-speaking audience, our first step was to develop a Chinese-specific landing page for Cirque du Soleil. Once we had a page to send visitors, we launched an engaging campaign using Weibo, Facebook, and YouTube, part of which involved influencer or Key Online Leadership (KOL) outreach.

Platform-specific tactics include:

• Weibo: Created 40 posts, gaining 550 followers and ran a contest
• Facebook: Targeted 68,000 Chinese-speaking Facebook users within Greater Vancouver
• YouTube: Promoted Totem with a trailer video that received nearly 500,000 impressions
• KOL outreach: Invited Weibo influencers to attend a VIP performance that resulted in shared experiences across social media and directed traffic to the Chinese-specific landing page
• Media buying: Launched a campaign that utilized 2,500 Chinese websites on Google Display Network. Purchased prominent ad real estate on key websites that had a relevant reader base, reaching over 300,000 highly localized Chinese media consumers.
• Google: Targeted “Vancouver events” related terms and branded Chinese keywords which generated 524 ticket sales with a conversion rate of 30%, with ROAS at 255


  • 16,000 Site Visits
  • 1,250 Units Sold
  • 6% Conversion Rate
  • 900 Return on Ad Spend

Landing page visits: 16,000+

Total tickets sold: 1,250+

Online conversion rate: 6.2%

Campaign ROAS greater than: 10x

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