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Performing almost 200 transplants annually, London Health Sciences Centre’s (LHSC) Multi-Organ Transplant Program is one of the leading transplant programs in Canada. As a local program that has impacted the lives of many, sustaining its success is a community effort. “New Canvas of Life”, the only annual fundraising event, was launched for that purpose – to rally a community to support the life-changing work at LHSC.

In its former two years, New Canvas of Life was a small event with a minimal budget, a very targeted online presence and a small community of support. Envisioning a revamped event with a considerably larger audience and end result, a short timeline to attract and mobilize a large community, presented a significant challenge. Having witnessed the power of organ donation, Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations was immediately compelled to go above and beyond to heighten the impact of New Canvas of Life, pro bono.


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  • Online Advertising

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  • 20,000 Video Views

Lashbrook’s strategic and passion-driven marketing plan successfully positioned New Canvas of Life for long-term success. New Canvas of Life attracted 450 attendees to the event, achieved a paid social media reach of 25,000, achieved coverage in all major local media, raised over $95,000 and, invaluably, cultivated a community of new supporters.

Over 20,000 online video views.

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