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Flikr Fire, a personal fireplace brand developed for entertainment, was presented to EightPM as an emerging brand with a unique original product. The primary brand goal of Flikr Fire was to demonstrate that there was an audience and market for their newly established product. Therefore, EightPM set out to develop and launch an ad campaign that would serve to ignite sales and gain brand exposure through paid digital advertising.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

EightPM launched a multi-phased digital marketing ad campaign for two primary digital platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The phases included audience prospecting, content optimization, traffic generation, and conversion generation. EightPM worked with Flikr in order to develop assets such as images, videos, and animations that would specifically be utilized for social media advertising. Additionally, the assets would then be specifically tailored to be used across several ad placement types. The campaigns collected enough data within a 60-day time period to create a fully optimized conversion campaign that would serve to find new customers and drive them to purchase the product within 3-4 days. Overall, this allowed EightPM to understand advertising costs and the return on investment in order to scale and grow the brand’s success at an ideal pace.


  • 46,497 Sales

Currently, with an ad spend of $14,215, EightPM has generated $46,497 in sales for Flikr Fire and achieved an average return on ad spend of $3.64.

• $14,215 Ad Spend
• $46,497 Purchase Conversion Value
• 3X Return on Ad Spend

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Austin, Texas
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