Broadlinc Branding

Icon Marketing Communications + Broadlinc
Brand Development


Broadlinc Communications, a digital internet provider for rural Kentucky, was coming out of a transitional period of acquisitions and restructuring when they approached the Icon team about refreshing their branding. Their new identity needed to encompass their existing brand values while still positioning them for growth.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Signage
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation

To set Broadlinc up for success upon relaunch, the Icon team did a full competitive audit and target market discovery, ultimately leading to an Icon-led brand equity workshop. We created a brand with strong, updated equity, and a clear direction for the future that combined existing services and future ambitions.


The newly minted Broadlinc identity was first used to transform their website and has been at the forefront of relaunching brand services in their existing markets and rolling out both business and residential services to new markets.


The Client

Icon Marketing Communications

The Agency
Icon Marketing Communications

Covington, Kentucky
~45 Employees