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Bully Max is the top-rated line of performance dog food and supplements. Their products are used by more than 390,000 dog owners, including the world’s top breeders, trainers & K9 units.

After working with several recognized PPC agencies and struggling with finding a great PPC agency, Bully Max was in need of a full service PPC team that could deliver their goals.

Bully Max approached Holini with the goal of increasing their return on investment (ROI) and lowering their cost per sale.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising

We had a video call to get to know Bully Max and learn as much about their company and industry as possible, including their challenges, goals, KPIs, competitive advantages, target audiences, and the lifetime value of their customers.

Conducted an in-depth Google Ads audit – we analyzed historical data and performance in their account to find valuable insights. The main goal of conducting this audit was to establish if and how our work can be profitable for them.

We discovered substantial growth potential in their account and created and prioritized hypotheses using our internal prioritization model. After that, we crafted an initial Google Ads strategy for the first 3 months based on findings from the audit.

We had a video call with the owner of the business to present all findings and growth opportunities. After that, we crafted a custom proposal that included a detailed action plan, ROI calculations, measurable goals for the first 3 months, and pricing.

We started focusing on actions that had the potential to bring the biggest positive impact on their ROI.
We improved their Google Ads account structure, for this, we worked on their Google Merchant Center account, dived deep into Analytics data, and set up new Google Shopping and search campaigns for the client.

After launching the new campaigns with a more granular account structure, we we’re able to set specific bidding strategies in place for each specific campaign.

We started off with manual bidding and moved from there to Smart Bidding after seeing the improved performance of the campaigns. This allowed us to take the bidding to the next level and take into consideration even more signals about our target audience.

We added new campaign types, (e.g. dynamic display remarketing) and proactively continue running experiments & developing the Google Ads strategy for Bully Max.

We improve the results of Bully Max by developing and implementing a detailed Google Analytics configuration and measurement plan that feeds meaningful data to the Smart Bidding algorithms.


  • 417% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • 66% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

Holini surpassed the initial goals greatly and we also decreased Bully Max’s monthly Google Ads budget by $10,000 dollars. This has lead to a substantial ROI and sales increase.

• 417% increase of Google Ads return on investment
• Cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased 66%
• Number of sales via Google Ads increased 40%

Bully Max

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Bully Max


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