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Increase in Conversion Rate


Gwynnie Bee is the first unlimited-access clothing service that offers styles for women of all sizes. They needed a creative agency to support its direct response acquisition initiatives and perform all elements of campaign development including ideation, implementation and management. As ongoing partners with their internal team, we help shape their acquisition program.

How to acquire and retain customers is a fundamental challenge for any subscription company. The goal of our efforts with Gwynnie Bee range from site engagement through free trial subscriptions and educating the customer to convert to full membership - all through joyful online discovery.


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising

We strategize weekly to highlight customer benefits and subscription features. Fresh signup offers are promoted both visually and with creative calls to action for increased engagement. The program includes encouraging signup through trial, a refer-a-friend program and a multi-email winback series. We have developed a collection of templates for ongoing production that are both consistent yet flexible in structure and style.

Cohesive design in all formats
Email designs, website landing graphics, facebook ads and printed direct mail pieces are created with a consistent brand image and tone across all media. Maintaining this cohesive, warm message is essential to represent the brand from end to end.

High end results, delivered

It’s hard to acquire new customers and it’s even harder to keep current customers. For a subscription company, this task is even more critical and it's is our focus at every touchpoint with Gwynnie Bee. What is the motivation to signup and what will keep a customer pleased with your service long term? We help solve these questions throughout and find solutions that benefit the bottom line.


  • 300% Increase in Conversion Rate

Over 300% increase in average signup conversion

Ongoing creative, subject line and copy tests have increased signup rates by 300%. Fluid project management allows for a steady flow of deliverables and deadlines to progress on time. Our collaborative partnership with brand and agency team members have allowed for continuous and consistent progress.

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Gwynnie Bee


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West New York, New Jersey
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