Changing tastes demand transformed experiences.

Garrigan Lyman Group + J.R. Simplot
Increase Brand Awareness


GLG brings great ideas from positioning to the plate.

As Simplot Foods’ agency of record, The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) is helping the company change the way people eat. GLG provides full-service integrated advertising from its Boise office, creating unique solutions delivering successful outcomes. Our strategic insights help the company provide products, ideas, and recipes its B2B customers depend on for creating memorable meals.


  • Digital Design
  • Product Design
  • Digital Copy

Our creative work, combined with world-class digital experiences, has transformed the way Simplot Foods brings more innovative products to market along with inspiring stories about good food.


As a result, Simplot Foods does more than simply respond to the evolving appetites of people across the country: it now drives the conversation about new ways to make fries, fruits, vegetables, and grains more profitable, more on trend, and more delicious.

Delivering improved operator engagement.
Building on audience understanding.
The GLG strategy team got smart about the challenges and opportunities facing the food service industry. Using a customer-first, persona-based approach, GLG has been able to help Simplot build trust, drive engagement, and produce results.

J.R. Simplot

The Client
J.R. Simplot

Food Products
~2,500 Employees
Garrigan Lyman Group

The Agency
Garrigan Lyman Group

Seattle, Washington
~134 Employees