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Increase in Site Visits


Tru Family Dental wanted a dedicated healthcare marketing company to grow their multi-location dental brand across all digital touchpoints. From website development and branding to SEO, paid advertising, and social media, Tru Family Dental needed a partner that could handle their full suite of marketing needs, grow with them as they expanded their business, deliver results, and drive new patient acquisition.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Fruition’s expertise in multi-location retail healthcare marketing allowed the team to get involved with Tru Family Dental from the start. Fruition began by building the Tru Family Dental website to be scalable, which is vital in the multi-unit healthcare industry. Fruition’s expertise in local marketing allowed the team to drive Tru Family Dental to the top of local search results using proven SEO tactics and leveraging patient experiences into positive customer reviews.


  • 62% Increase in Site Visits

Since our partnership began in 2015, Tru Family Dental has established themselves as one of the fastest-growing branded providers of dental care, expanding from 2 to 20 Midwest locations and continuing to grow. An increase in local search results for newly on-boarded practices has allowed them to increase new patient acquisition in the locations they serve.

Tru Family Dental

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Tru Family Dental

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