Forbytes + Trademax
Increase Sales


-A system that can handle a large stock of items and allows to effectively manage the business, including websites, logistics, orders, accounting, etc.
-An outsourcing team that will support the system, develop new features and make adjustments when and where necessary.
-Increase customer base, attract new customers and rank up in search engine results.
-A unique website design that offers a smooth and memorable experience for both desktop and mobile users.


  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation
  • E-Commerce

We created an entire eCommerce system and introduced features that automated and increased the efficiency of many processes. We work constantly on improving the system further and finding new ways to make managing the business even more convenient for our client. At the moment it handles 4 separate online stores for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

We have provided an experienced dedicated team that over the course of our cooperation has evolved into an entire IT department for our client. It now consists not only of developers but UX/UI designers, Quality assurance engineers, business analysts, DevOps engineers and other specialists, who provide full system support and development.

We have implemented many popular Payment and Shipping methods, which not only made shopping more convenient but also helped become a store that people trust and can rely on to be reliable. In addition, we have provided the client’s SEO specialists with the necessary tools that help them rank up their website and attract new customers.

Our UI and UX designers took the Mobile-first approach to complete a full redesign of the website. Moreover, we constantly perform tests, analyze user behavior and introduce changes and new features that further improve the shopping experience for customers.


Turnover of over 250 million US dollars;
Annual growth of around 35%;
500 000 products;
Over 200 employees;
Forbytes team of 40 developers;
Online stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark;
Over 400 thousand satisfied customers.


The Client

Specialty Retail
~150 Employees

The Agency

Helsingborg, Skne ln,County
~72 Employees