How Carter’s My Plumber Increased Traffic by 233% and Revenue by 36%

FLDtrace + Carter's My Plumber
Increase Sales


Increase in Sales


Increase in New Leads


Increase in Site Visits


Past SEO agency sent monthly reports but didn’t do any work. They didn’t get any results either!
The website was dated and difficult to navigate, affecting conversions.
Plumbing is a highly competitive niche.
They had a strong desire to get more leads from their website and SEO, but they didn’t know whom to trust.

In 2017, Carter’s My Plumber had a dated website and an unreliable SEO agency that charged them money but didn’t help their search rankings.

Sadly, this is the story of many local companies. They hire a marketing agency that overpromises and underdelivers. The agency does some initial work, then puts the client on a monthly reporting plan. Then they keep charging the client month after month without offering any real value in return.

That’s what happened to Carter’s My Plumber. Despite spending money, they still had a subpar website that did not convert and poor search rankings.

Lisa Carter, the owner of Carter’s My Plumber wanted to grow her business, expand her team, and be recognized as a leading plumbing company in the Indianapolis / Greenwood, IN area. And her SEO provider wasn’t doing anything to help her achieve her goals.

So she turned to FLDTRACE instead.


  • Research
  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design

Rebuilt the website from the ground up using the best UX and SEO practices.
Improved the content based on keywords and competitor research.
Did ethical link building and created local citations.
Implemented a project management system to keep track of all the changes and work done.

When Lisa brought us in as her SEO partner, we started with customer research to understand customer pain points. This research helped guide our design and content decisions.

Next, we did a full redesign to improve the user experience that made the website hard to use, and to fix various technical issues that prevented the site from ranking properly.

We also did keyword research and then updated the content on key pages such as the service and the service area landing pages.
After that, we improved their Google My Business (GMB) Profiles. Since they have multiple locations, we have done this step for each GMB.

Then we started building links and local citations to help boost their authority and ranking.

On an ongoing basis, we regularly create new informative blog content to help address their customers’ pain points as well as help with SEO. Some of these articles now rank high nationwide. If you dominate nationwide organic search, you dominate your local search. It’s that simple.

The new website is optimized for SEO and easier to navigate


  • 37% Increase in Sales
  • 273% Increase in New Leads
  • 233% Increase in Site Visits

Their revenue increased by 36% in 4.5 years.
They had a 273% increase in leads from the website.
They added three more full-time employees due to strong growth.
They have maintained strong organic search engine rankings.

When we started working with Carter’s My Plumber, they were still doing Yellow Pages and print advertising, which was costly yet didn’t help with business growth. After we did the work described above, however, to optimize their SEO and website, the phone started ringing. Now they are focused on digital marketing, where the money spent delivers tangible business growth.

Improving their SEO led to this dramatic increase in their search rankings, and optimizing the website for the best user experience increased their conversions. Since they started working with FLDTRACE, they have grown by 36% and added three service trucks, for a total of eight. That’s three full-time jobs created because Carter’s My Plumber worked with a trusted SEO partner who delivers results.

Carter's My Plumber

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