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Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Click


FitLinkAI Is a workout and fitness app powered by artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing the way we workout, stay committed to our goals, and stay healthy. It is essentially a personal trainer in your pocket.

In order to secure an initial round of funding, we needed to build a PPC and SEO program that would drive a base of users to establish the apps MVP.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising

After conducting in depth research on the target audience, we advertised across Apple’s properties, Facebook / Instagram, and across the Google network. We also optimized the site for content and visibility on the major search engines.

Website Analysis
A website analysis was important for 2 reasons: 1. to understand the current user experience and provide conversion rate optimization recommendations and 2. to audit for SEO purposes and provide opportunities as well as threats to rank.

Keyword Research
Keyword research was performed to understand and align with the target audience and demographic. Additionally, this analysis supports SEO efforts and understanding competitive positioning.

Website Optimization
Website optimization was necessary to align with the app’s core benefit while adhering to SEO and User Experience best practices. Ensuring fast load times and effortless navigation improved keyword rankings and overall conversion rates.

PPC Advertising
Paid advertising was critical in establishing a presence to drive the baseline of app users. Advertising across major ad platforms such as Apple, Google, and Instagram allowed for a diverse audience mix that remained within the target demographic.


  • 68% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 39% Decrease in Cost Per Click

The SEO and PPC program resulted in successfully driving goal app installs and thus securing the first round of funding.

KPI Improvements Resulting From The Campaign.
68% Conversion Rate Increase
51% Ad CTR Growth
39% Avg CPC Decrease
27% Organic Improvement

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Firestorm SEM

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