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Engage with multiple cross sectors of the Allentown community to co-develop a 10-year economic development plan.


  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management

Identifying that most of the Allentown community does not see themselves a part of the revitalization in the city, we needed to develop a plan that would be authentic and empower every person in the city.

First, we developed the slogan Your City Your Voice. Then we designed a logo that embodied the vibrant diversity of our city while still looking toward the future. We then develop a social media video campaign that utilized trusted ambassadors from all backgrounds and ages to bring authentic voices to the project. They also became the bridge to other community members because it was a face they can trust.

Across the city we conducted surveys and community sessions to allow anyone to participate in the building of the plan. It was key to make the community the major stakeholders for this project and create trust.

Throughout the year we continued to adapt our digital strategies with video, lead generation, Billboards, and Ad images to provided transparency for the community. The communities voice led this project and provided an authentic tone. We also development a website to provide updates on all steps of the project.


  • 94,156 Video Views
  • 204,670 Facebook Reach
  • 607,395 Earned Media Impressions
  • 500 New Leads

Videoviews 94,156
People reached 204,670
Impressions 607,395
500+ attendees at community sessions

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