Brand Development


Increase in Conversion Rate


BRAVEN’s Bluetooth speakers carry a unique sensibility. The popular audio device is one of the few that can be listened to anywhere - unplugged - which means that consumers can use BRAVEN speakers while they're doing things like skateboarding, lounging by the pool, or even charging their phones. However, even though the brand speaks to consumers’ active and mobile lifestyles, they found that their website didn’t successfully get that message across.

They needed to update their site so that it would convey the BRAVEN experience and demonstrate the edge that the brand has over its ever-expanding competition. In technical terms, they needed a site that could:

Support a flexible, robust framework
Handle intensive ERP
Automate distribution
Easily report inventory
Keep tabs on customer service
What better way for an audio retailer to distinguish itself from the competition than to present its newly upgraded website at the Consumer Electronics Show? BRAVEN reached out to EYEMAGINE to help them make this happen. However, there was one catch: presenting their new website at the Consumer Electronics Show meant that the EYEMAGINE team had only 2 months to develop, design, and launch.


  • Website Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

EYEMAGINE delivered this tailor-made upgrade for BRAVEN to drive their eCommerce conversions and increase their site's performance. The website redesign resulted in the following improvements just 30 days after the launch.


  • 66% Increase in Conversion Rate

Page load time decreased by over 20%, resulting in consumers spending 3x longer on their site
Average quantity per transaction increased by over 116%
Conversion revenue through Google AdWords rose by 85% and visits via social referral increased by over 40%
Consumers’ average order value more than doubled
Over 10% increase in direct visits to homepage
Direct conversions equaled 66.19% and organic search conversions equaled 33.14%


The Client

Consumer Discretionary
~450 Employees

The Agency

Irvine, California
~19 Employees