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Newman University, a private, Catholic college in Wichita, Kansas, needed a digital marketing partner capable of increasing engagement and providing powerful reporting on their customers' behaviors. The excelerate team's school of thought included pairing strong customer behavior reporting and micro-targeted ads. Clearly, we made the grade, as our tactics have been driving greater brand awareness and increasing online application completions since 2017.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising

Indepth research and analysis were paramount to driving the strategy for Newman University. A refined geotarget, combined with lookalike audiences for each student segment allowed us to reach prospective students with high enrollment potential.

Search and contextual targeting within programmatic display and YouTube video pre-roll honed in on users searching for college-related content. Re-engaging website and campus visitors with retargeting and geofencing tactics was also key. Additionally, we implemented Newman U's data to launch addressable geofencing campaigns to reach those who expressed interest in various programs.


  • 252,000 Pageviews
  • 7,300,000 Earned Media Impressions

3.77% Display Conversion Rate (6.5x Higher Than Industry Average)
.12% Click-Through Rate for Display Ads (Above Industry Average)
.21% Geofencing Click-Through Rate

Micro-targeted display ads to high school seniors and their parents, transfer students and other specific audiences. These ads reached over 7.3 million impressions in the first eight months of 2019, driving a significant uptick in web traffic and application completion rates.

Increased web traffic and qualified leads enabled Newman U to nurture prospective students through the application process and gain 334 application completions since launch.

With over 252K page views (Jan-Aug 2019), Newman U strengthened their inbound marketing funnel as a result of targeted messaging focused on specific offerings, such as MBA programs, graduate programs and financial aid.

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