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OPTIMUM SOURCE, INC. is a full-service facility management and maintenance staffing firm, specializing in securing qualified candidates for our clients in the areas of General Labor, Skilled Trades, Warehousing, Assembly, Quality Control, Janitorial, Waste Management, Technicians, and Truck Drivers.

Optimum source needed a firm to develop a full identity and branding campaign. The company was going through a transition period where they were changing their name and expanding to new office location. They needed a company that had the expertise to develop a corporate brand that could position Optimum Source to attract more corporate clients.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Creation

Corporate Identity / Branding (Logo Design, Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Brochures, Pocket folder ) Website Development, Content Management System, and Website Hosting. We referred them several companies with Networking and System Integration capabilities.

During our first visit, Optimum Source’s business success as a facility management firm was evident. However, they did not have the resources needed to reflect their capabilities. The website was obsolete, the sales team had no marketing materials, they had some IT challenges that needed to be addressed. Our focus was making sure that we did not just “put Lipstick on a Pig”. In order words, what is the point of having a fancy website without the proper processes and systems in place to run a business efficiently. Ennovative took a holistic approach making sure that while our team was engaged in developing a corporate campaign, we made recommendations on systems and processes that made an immediate impact.


Once we started our working relationship with Optimum Source, we were excited about the outcome possibilities of the project. There was a sense of purpose not just in delivering our results but making sure we left Optimum Source in a significantly better and improved state. During our meetings with client, we made sure that our solutions were in line with the overall business strategy. We took a holistic view and the final result was a tremendous branding campaign that put Optimum Source above its completion as enhanced their corporate brand, establish business processes and protocols for efficiency, eliminated technical redundancies which lead to financial savings.

Optimum Source

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Optimum Source

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