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Increase in Sales


Increase in Click-through Rate


DiscountMags’ fast growth of magazine subscribers led the company to outgrow its email provider (MailChimp) and its existing email marketing strategy. DiscountMags thus turned to Den Aviary to select and migrate to a new email provider that would handle the growing amount of data, and to create an integrated email marketing strategy and process that would enable relevant messaging.


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

Den Aviary executed a full migration for DiscountMags from Mailchimp to a new email service provider. The new ESP (Exact Target) not only efficiently handles the increasing amount of data the client accumulates, but also allows the client to use the data in a relevant way, such as audience segmentation and targeted messaging.

Den Aviary created an email marketing strategy that services the customers throughout their lifecycle with DiscountMags. We built self-sufficient programming that integrated inventory, coupon information, and customer behavior. In addition, Den Aviary consistently improved message relevancy by optimizing subject lines, email design and layout, and delivery times. For example, by targeting messages based on a certain subscriber’s demographics and previous purchase behavior, Den Aviary increased the client’s revenue by 300%.

To empower the client to efficiently manage email marketing in the long term, Den Aviary set up automated processes that make creating and sending targeted emails to selected customer segments easy. Den Aviary also created an automated reporting system that regularly reports on the progress of email campaigns, and informs us of ways to improve campaign performance.

Social Media:
Den Aviary created a marketing campaign strategy for DiscountMags on Facebook. We combined the Facebook campaign with email marketing in order to reach our customers via multiple touchpoints. Through rigorous testing, we were able to identify the aperture to reach the right subscriber at the right time via the right combination of touchpoints to maximize revenue.


  • 200% Increase in Sales
  • 107% Increase in Click-through Rate

Den Aviary has increased the revenue attributable to email by 200% while helping the client cut email marketing costs by 50%, as the client can now send fewer emails while generating more revenue. As we significantly increased the relevancy of the email program with targeted email messages, we grew the the open rate by 24% and click rate by 107% over time.


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