90% Sales Growth in 2017

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Silver Hills Bakery
Product Launch


In 2015 the gluten-free bread category was continuing to grow. But most of the gluten-free bread options on the market were nutritionally poor and/or tasted awful. Our client, Silver Hills bakery created a healthier gluten-free bread using plant-based ingredients (no eggs, starches or preservatives) which tasted great.


Package the Bread Without a budget for advertising, the packaging had to work extra hard on shelf to attract consumers. Since the primary was taste, we made the bold move to communicate this prominently on the front of the package. Sell-in and Sample In Spring 2016, Little Northern Bakehouse was launched. We produced hard-working sell-in sheets for the trade and recipe cards, coupons sampling displays for consumers. Stand Back and Smile If it tastes delicious, call it delicious. Consumers tried it and not only like it – they loved it. For once, a gluten-free product lived up to its name. The uptake by stores was remarkable.


In less than a year, Little Northern Bakehouse became the number four gluten-free SKU in dollar volume in the US natural channel. It’s still one of the fastest growing breads in the channel with Sales per Point of Distribution (SPPD) growing steadily. The plan for the next few years is to help support the brand as it grows by over 100% each year. That’s incredible.


~46 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
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