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JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, the Mid-Atlantic’s largest mulch, stone, and topsoil supplier hired us to overhaul their entire online strategy to drive new, high margin revenue for residential and commercial clients at discount wholesale prices


  • Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We began by reviewing existing metrics. We immediately noticed they had high bounce rates for their target keywords, a limited amount of quality backlinks, no social media presence, and poor PPC conversion rates. Conversion Pipeline developed and executed a three-step strategy:

1. Design and develop a new ecommerce website.
2. Implement an aggressive SEO and social media marketing campaign.
3. Revamp their existing Google PPC campaign.

1. Increase website conversion rates.
2. Implement a branding campaign that drove new traffic from SEO, Google PPC and social media marketing to the website.
3. Maximize existing PPC campaign budget while increasing conversions.


  • 300% Increase in Sales
  • 896% Increase in Pageviews

After launching the new website, we immediately saw an increase in traffic and reduced bounce rates. Our online marketing campaign quickly gained traction and we were able to drive quality traffic to their website which resulted in an increase in contact form conversions and phone calls.

Prior to the website, the client took all orders on the phone, each of which took 6-15 minutes. The website launch dramatically reduced the number of phone orders, saving money for JK and saving time for customers. We built a custom shipping module into the website to enable accurate shipping charges. The website launched in March 2015. Since its launch, over 22,847 items have been sold on the website.

Year over year, sales have been growing as various marketing tactics mature and we have more data to inform strategic spending decisions. See attached two year snapshot of sales showing 2016 and 2017.

The ecommerce website has complex analytics that inform business as well as marketing decisions. The data acquired about residential and commercial bulk mulch sales allows for more accurate production through evaluation of products by demand and sales.

We successfully achieved and measured increased ROI.
Increased online sales by 300%
Increased overall visits by 773%
Increased page views 896%
Increased organic traffic from search engines by 618%
Increased PPC impressions and clicks over 200%
Maintained almost a 3% CTR
Conversions increased over 112%.

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply

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JK Enterprise Landscape Supply

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