Finding The First Pilot Customer For An AI/ML NPM SaaS Startup

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Increase in New Clients


NetSequency is a startup that has a very valuable solution to a complex problem. The objective was to find the first customer to beta test their product. They needed someone who has a large complex network and is ready to deploy their network collecting engine to send network data to the ML engine. It turned out to be problematic to find a customer who would test the product in their day-to-day work environment using real data, not least due to concerns about data confidentiality.

Consequently, NetSequency did not exactly know who to approach with the offer to test, or how to talk about the problem that the product could solve.


  • General Consulting
  • Website Creation
  • Digital Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These were the primary steps in our project:

Target audience research
Create ICP and personas within different ICPs
Research the demand: find out how customers solve the problem and document the buyer’s journey.
Identify the sources of information and communication for the target audience.
Interview target audience: we went to the relevant communities on social media communities and talked to potential customers.
Deliver the initial version of the website
Analytics and lead capture setup
Content plan and a blog article
Outreach campaign
Lead generation using different channels


  • 1 Increase in New Clients

Despite occupying a challenging niche with tough competition, we managed to find the perfect fit to beta test NetSequency’s product. The customer was really excited to begin the testing process and was ready to become the first paying customer if the solution fits their requirements.