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Current Clique Affiliate Marketing client, is one of the most elite smartphone and tablet PC case providers in operation today. Based in San Diego, CA, LifeProof offers premium quality cases with proofing from all of technology’s greatest enemies: water, snow, dirt, and shock. LifeProof’s mantra is to offer complete smartphone and tablet PC protection while maintaining the freedom of full functionality. Whether you are skiing the Rockies, snorkeling the Yucatán, following online recipes in the kitchen, or just networking outside of the office, LifeProof offers activity-efficient design and military-grade protection without the expense of device functionality.


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  • Online Advertising


When LifeProof partnered with Clique Affiliate Marketing in July of 2012, it was immediately apparent that the case provider was poised for large-scale expansion of its e-commerce marketing efforts. In addition to offering case options for the iPhone 4/4S, LifeProof was on the verge of an incremental product release schedule that is still in place today. San Diego-based marketing agency Digital Operative provided the infrastructure for such expansion as well as ushered in Clique Affiliate Marketing to successfully create, manage, and broaden an affiliate marketing program for Under the direction of Digital Operative, Clique was able to successfully identify several key opportunities easily seized by the implementation of an affiliate program:

-Explore an additional revenue stream to supplement both online and retail sales channels
-Expand revenue partners and targeted promotion or the LifeProof e-commerce arm internationally
-Tap into core product enthusiasts online for more endemic advertising campaigns general brand promotion
-Reach a larger scope of activity and lifestyle-focused customers without sacrificing brand integrity or profit margins
-Sync third-party brand messaging online to run parallel with new content, promotions, and product launches featured at

The lean nature of the Clique Affiliate Marketing team allowed it to easily execute on strategies for conquering opportunities at Working closely with Digital Operative, Clique was able to better understand LifeProof’s current target market, brand elements available for promotion, short and long-term market expansion goals, as well as future efforts in the line of marketing strategy and product release. To successfully maintain a supplemental revenue stream as well as expand additional demographic targeting, Clique implemented a multi-tier project plan aimed at short0term (6 month) growth:

-Implementation of a campaign-diverse affiliate program through the AvantLink affiliate network
-Multi-demographic affiliate recruitment through a variety of channels:
-Existing top-performing partners in outdoor, activity-based, and lifestyle-based merchant programs
-AvantLink network partners, catering specifically to international, technology-driven, and activity-focused customers
-External partner sites (in each demographic) already providing LifeProof and/or top-ranked technology-related content
-One-on-one publisher optimization post-activation that includes individual affiliate training and best-practice offerings based on site type, targeted customer, and available promotional tools
-Continual content and creative ad campaign refreshment based on monthly performance metrics, seasonal promotional efforts via, recruitment of new affiliate sites and third-party tools, and affiliate feedback/interest
-Syncing and monetization of existing web content and creative materials to maintain brand integrity and price points while empowering affiliates with commission incentives to maintain site upkeep


  • 670% Increase in Sales
  • 6% Increase in Conversion Rate

Through the successful implementation of an AvantLink affiliate program, Clique Affiliate Marketing was able to introduce a viable revenue stream for as well as efficiently expanding LifeProof’s brand exposure among new consumer groups. Under a short-term (six month) timeframe, Clique was able to build an empowered pool of affiliates, optimize affiliate sites for increased conversion potential, and implement a wide range of promotional ad campaigns for While a variety of intangible brand development activities occurred during this short timeframe, the host of performance metrics truly speaks to the success of the LifeProof/Clique partnership:

-Recruited hundreds of affiliates/online publishers to the program within a variety of core and non-core demographic groups: technology-focused partners, deal/loyalty programs, third party tools, core outdoor and activity-focused sites, and a host of other blogs, forums, and communication hubs online.
-Tested and capitalized on international brand outreach by recruiting and optimizing affiliates in over 25 different countries
-Coordinated with Digital operative to successfully schedule and maintain hundreds of brand, product, and promotion-focused ad campaigns program-wide.
-Developed a product sales revenue stream that increased over 670% across six months
-Produced over six figures in affiliate revenue over the course of six months
-Maintained an average 6% ad campaign conversion rate over the course of six months


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