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BSM invented the driving test, taught the Queen to drive and celebrated a 100-year anniversary. The problem is none of this matters to young folk looking to pass their driving test, or the 2,000+ instructors seeking them out.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-Commerce

Since 2009 we have worked with the BSM management team to help them re-align their brand with the UK’s youth culture. And this year is no exception. We’ve helped BSM design and launch one of the most successful e-Commerce platforms in the country, built three iTunes Top 10 mobile training apps, and increased sales by 20% in the quarter. Not bad for a declining challenger brand that is now back on top of the market as the UK’s No.1 driving school.


  • 20% Increase in Sales

We relaunched BSM and grew the brand into a Top 10 youth brand ranked by Conde Nast
- Initiated a new CRM programme for learners, and a loyalty scheme for franchisees
- Developed an online social community of learners through Facebook and Twitter
- Developed 6 mobile training apps, all reaching iTunes Top 10 downloads
- Grown their sales through search and advertising by 20% quarter-on-quarter
- Driven more than 60% of their business online, reducing the size of their call centre team


The Client

~660 Employees

The Agency

Bath, Avon
~23 Employees