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NeuroNation - Brain Health Technology
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NeuroNation is one of the leading Brain Training company based in Germany, offering tailored scientific cognitive games with proven effectiveness. They collaborate with many prestigious Universities and Hospitals and the training is being used successfully in Alzheimer’s research as well as stress & burnout prevention. NeuroNation BrainTraining by Synaptikon wanted to grow their user acquisition while increasing revenue generated from paid marketing.


Apart from intensive creative testing and channel exploration we improved all KPIs using our systematic approach of test & learn. We categorized all communication ideas and tested them against target audiences in all target markets. We furthermore introduced a new way to analyze performance results using our pRank methodology. The pRank takes into consideration client targeted KPIs and enables us to identify potential winners and losers faster.


+66% Installs +32% Purchases +42% Net Cohort Revenue -39% CPI +117% ROAS

~6 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
1 Stories
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Andre Kempe

Estepona, Mlaga

Founder of @Admiral_Media - #apps #growth #marketing

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