Hands On Approach Leads to Increased Performance

Adlucent + Woodcraft
Increase Sales


Increase in Click-through Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Woodcraft Supply is a retailer of fine quality woodworking tools, supplies, hardwoods, and education for amateur or professional woodworkers. Since 1928, Woodcraft has provided valuable necessities to woodworkers around the world. The company has a mail order catalog, over 70 retail stores, and a website with over 20,000 woodworking products.

Personal Attention Makes Waves
Woodcraft had been with another agency for over ten years and was starting to see their traction level out. Working with an account manager that had multiple clients, Woodcraft realized they needed a support team who would have their account needs as their primary focus. They needed a change.


  • Digital Copy
  • Online Advertising

Adlucent’s personalized approach to account management was exactly what Woodcraft needed and they began seeing performance increases immediately upon Adlucent taking over management of the account.

By having teams dedicated to only one client, Adlucent was able to take the time to understand Woodcraft’s business, products, and goals which enabled the team to quickly create and implement strategies to suit Woodcrafts changing business needs.

Adlucent started by restructuring Woodcraft’s account to a more granular structure for both PLAs and search. The company took strict control of queries by breaking them down into individual groups making ad copy more relevant, they overhauled their bid management to make sure they were precisely targeting for low and high performing queries, and improved their categorization.

Additionally, Adlucent adjusted Woodcraft’s PLAs by adding title optimizations, improved categorization, BING PLAs, and funneling PLA queries to their best performing products. To help support the granular approach to PLAs and search, Adlucent also created higher performing ads that were more relevant and detailed to Woodcrafts business, introduced all applicable ad extensions, and used past performance to create a consistent and strategic bid management system.


  • 76% Increase in Click-through Rate
  • 40% Decrease in Cost Per Click

Overhauled Performance Strategy Led to Immediate Performance Gains
With an improved PPC strategy in place, Adlucent was able to have an immediate impact on KPIs. Within the first 6 weeks of taking over the account, Woodcraft’s click through rate (CTR) increased by 76%, their average position improved from an average of 3.5 to an average of 1.3, and cost per click (CPCs) decreased by 40%.

Adlucent’s approach to constant, strategic bid management, feed optimizations, and improved categorization for PLAs led to a standout holiday campaign for Woodcraft as well. In November alone revenue increased by 50% year-over-year.


The Client

~330 Employees

The Agency

Austin, Texas
~120 Employees