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Indian Institutes of Management, the most premium institutes of India innovated their placement procedures with our proprietary product - WEB-Brochure. Equipped with a bunch of interactive features, the online product took the recruitment experience to another level.

We have been designing beautiful and engaging placement brochures for various IIMs for the last 5 years. However, doing this year after year, we realized the shortcomings of physical brochures, and the need an online one that has the ability to interact with the recruiters and save the environment and a lot of cost spent in printing.


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WEB-Brochure 2.0
After the success of the first version of the WEB-Brochure in 2018, WEB-Brochure 2.0 hit the market in 2020 with major enhancements and better UX

Interactive Statistics
Recruiter can view the snapshot of the whole batch at a glance on the Statistics page with help of intuitive graphics and charts.

Not only that, it comes with the ability to access a set of profiles profiles with a click on any of the respective chart.

Thorough Profile Filtering
The recruiter can view qualified profiles based upon the Experience, Industry, Functional Area, using the advanced multiselect filter.

Comprehensive Profiles
The profiles are presented in an organized manner, following consistent color schemes and intuitive icon styles. With the interactive buttons, recruiters can filter and view profiles with similar Industries and Functional areas.

And a lot more..
WEB-Brochure 2.0 comes loaded with a list of advanced features such as:

WEB-Brochure 2.0 can be customized by the college/batch to suit specific needs, by adding/deleting/updating Industries, Functional Experiences, Experience Bands, Home Page Cards, Static Pages, New sections in the Individual Profile Pages, etc. Not just that, it can also be personalized with suited color and layout schemes.

Gone are the days of filling data forms to upload individual profiles. WEB-Brochure 2.0 has the ability to upload all the profiles with a click of mouse directly from a CSV file.

Downloadable and Shareable Profiles
With WEB-Brochure 2.0, the individual profiles could be shared with the recruiters personally. The recruiter can also download the profiles.

And still more!
Be it ability to remove the recruited profiles, or updating the profiles of staging environment, or control over content through CMS, WEB-Brochure 2.0 has it all.

Majority of the most premium institutes in India have already switched to the WEB-Brochure 2.0


The number of institute switching to the WEB-Brochure 2.0 are going up with every year passing. WEB-Brochure 2.0 is the new trend in IIM Placements.

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