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When one of India’s leading real estate developers, Prestige Group approached us to create a lead generation campaign for four of their properties, we put in all our expertise to craft one of the best digitally integrated campaigns.

Prestige Group wanted us to promote four of their properties, in different budget ranges, to cater to the needs of varied home buyer segments:

• Prestige Song of the South (Starting at INR 31 lakhs)
• Prestige Lakeside Habitat (Starting at INR 67 lakhs)
• Prestige Falcon City (Starting at 81 lakhs)
• Prestige Silver Oak (Starting at INR 1.7 crores)
They asked us to craft a performance focused marketing campaign with lead generation at its core.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

Starting with a detailed research to understand the user behavior and the platforms that engaged potential real estate buyers, we followed it up by identifying prime digital spaces, shortlisting and then bidding on them to run display ads. The click through rate owing to an in-depth research was phenomenal. But we didn’t call it quits just there, we went ahead and even tracked the behavior of the user after lead generation, i.e. which websites they visited in order to craft new messaging and creatives.

While the campaign started by building on the overall value of the brand Prestige, it soon rolled out to creatives that highlighted the USPs and other benefits of the four properties across social channels. An optimized targeting mechanism which changed on a day to day basis, accompanied by location & content specific creatives and strategically placed digital roadblocks not only increased brand impressions but also helped in generating quality leads.


  • 10,000,000 Facebook Reach
  • 7,500 New Leads
  • 726,000 Twitter Impressions

7,500+ leads
The campaign managed to generate more than 3,500 leads in just 2 months.

Over 75 lakh
brand impressions were created.

10 million people
Garnered a cumulative reach of over 10 million people on Facebook alone.

The campaign significantly increased Prestige Group's brand recognition & recall and managed to establish an incremental growth in website traffic. Twitter followers and Facebook likes. In a span of just 90 days and only utilizing social media, we managed to generate over 7,500 leads and unprecedented number of brand impressions.

Prestige Group

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