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Being in the artisan space herself, Trade & Prosper's Chief Business Development Officer, Louise Newsome had seen how much the individual artisans had to offer, but how little technical infrastructure was in place to help them to meaningfully collaborate. Building a technology ecosystem to promote community and collaboration would allow for the artisan community to prosper, together. Louise knew that she would need a technical partner to help her develop her vision.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Mobile App Development

While we could create an excellent mobile application to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst these artisan business owners, we didn't want to get severely hamstrung by the network effect. We needed the mobile app to have value even with a minimal amount of businesses signed up. After many brainstorms, post-it notes and cups of coffee we came to realize that almost all of the collaboration that currently occurs between these businesses happens at events. Once we put that together the solution became clear. Create two mobile applications, one for the businesses and one for the event managers. Event managers will upload their events to our system, driving sales and taking advantage of our other management tools, and the businesses would get value out of their app by getting access to these events and collaborating with the other businesses.


Two React Native mobile applications built from scratch that work in tandem to promote communication and collaboration in the artisan space. Each app is tailored to the end user, ensuring a positive user experience for both segments. We are currently beta testing the products with a small set of users. If you are in the artisan space and are interested in joining our product testing group, shoot an email to !


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