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Product Launch


Increase in Conversion Rate


Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons has made it their mission to provide the highest quality vision and cutting-edge surgical care in a compassionate, friendly environment. Eager to grow their LASIK business, Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons challenged us to launch a local digital marketing campaign. We established three goals:
Convince new website visitors to place their trust in NEOES for a fairly expensive surgical procedure
Appeal to a younger target market, that in which LASIK is growing in popularity
Scale cost-effectively in a competitive industry


  • Branding Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

The Strategy
We worked with Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons to design and develop a LASIK marketing-specific landing page for local digital marketing campaigns. This page was optimized to include summarized and scannable information about LASIK to answer common questions and concerns, a LASIK self-test questionnaire, and a simple form to request a free LASIK consultation. Balancing these three features allowed NEOES to appeal to prospective patients regardless of where they may be in their LASIK journey - whether they are ready to book a surgery, want to see if they are a candidate, or just want to gather more information about the procedure and process. We utilized the best UX practices for an easy-to-navigate web experience, used large text size for those with blurry vision, and selected photography of young active people to represent our target audience.

Strategic Assets
Behind every set of data is the material created to drive the performance. Below, you’ll find examples of creative assets we crafted to deliver these results.


LASIK Campaign Landing Page
A marketing specific landing page (MSLP) with detailed information, which helps users easily fill out the form and become a qualified lead.

Reaching a New Audience
Engaging lifestyle photography and clear benefits copy bring new leads to the MSLP.

Brand Collateral for an Integrated Campaign
Print assets help keep you at the top of mind with simple and cost effective takeaways. Brochures and coupon flyers are simple but information-rich deliverables for the uncertain potential customer.

A New Responsive & Accessible Website
NEOES needed a new website that served the client. We needed striking photography, large text for readability, and thorough content to explain each of their offerings in depth. It’s important to build an experience that was consistent across any device, and easy to navigate for all age groups. Most importantly, the website needed to convey expertise and instill trust to their customers.


  • 18% Increase in Conversion Rate

Qualified Leads per month
Goal 2-4
Results 8-12

Conversion Rate
Goal 2%
Results 4%

Evaluation Appointments
60% Green of leads turned into evaluation appointments

Successful Surgeries
30% Green of appointments turned into successful surgeries

Business Growth
Increased Growth In one year 10% Green Of the entire practice

Average Conversion Rates
2017 - 8.91%, 2018 - 16.83%, 2019 - 18.06%

The Client
NorthEast Ohio Eye Surgeons

Health Care Providers & Services
~5 Employees

The Agency

Cleveland, Ohio
~30 Employees