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The Drake
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Visual Immersion was approached by the owner of NBKWPartners, a land developer who was looking for digital media solutions to promote project marketing initiatives. About the Drake at White Rock Lake – The Drake blends casual elegance and an eye toward modern classical accents. The design respects the ethos of Lakewood neighborhoods and a departure from the “glass-box” modernism. The terraced façade allows the use of expanses of glass to take advantage of the inspiring views, balconies for outdoor living, and a cadence that communicates with the street and the surrounding properties.


The digital media produced by Visual Immersion showcases THE VISION, Natural Elegance, Proportion and rhythm that follows a natural order has been fundamental to The Drake’s design. GDA’s designers; Ray Tse, Jenny Cargill, and Angela Sam, have carefully created a building envelope that incorporates principles that pay homage to the White Rock area’s natural elements. (See images below). In addition to the interactive campaign distribution platforms (web/mobile device), Visual Immersion created all of the graphical components, to include; 3d Illustrations, Animations, 2D graphic design components


We are extremely proud to have played a role in the success of this project marketing effort.

~5 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
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Visual Immersion offers creative virtual reality experiences and immersive visual content creation to support promotional sales and digital media campaigns.

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