Redstage + Apricorn
Product Launch


Increase in Sales


The biggest challenge Apricorn and Redstage faced was content data migration. Due to Apricorn’s customizations on Magento 1 (custom fields used for content pages and product page data), it became difficult to migrate the data to BigCommerce. This was an important aspect of the project, as Apricorn’s thought leadership is instrumental in their business success, and the content pages are where they prove product authority. Using Shogun, we were able to rebuild Apricorn’s product pages and migrate the necessary data quickly and efficiently.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation

While this was no easy task, Redstage never stands down from a challenge and pushed through to complete the necessary migration on our clients’ timeline. Thanks to the power of BigCommerce’s out of the box solutions and features, we were able to keep the number of apps to implement down, helping in making the launch one of our smoothest yet!

With Apricorn’s multinational audience, they had a burning need for multi-language and multi-currency options in their new store. Utilizing BigCommerce’s GEO-IP function, we were able to natively implement an automatic IP lookup, crucial in determining shipping rates, currency exchanges, language options, and tax rates.

Our award-winning creative team designed a style guide for the new Apricorn site, a template of fonts, color schemes, and patterns in line with Apricorn’s branding and image. With this, their imagery will be streamlined and their branding will stand out from the competition even further, allowing them to further showcase their thought leadership.


  • 30% Increase in Sales

With a major upgrade in site performance and design, Apricorn is experiencing an enormous conversion rate boost: Up 533% year over year! Redstage’s expertise helped them find exactly what worked for them, and what may work for you.

533% Increase in Conversion Rate
Apricorn gained a 533% increase in their conversion rate for 2020, compared to 2019!

30% Increase in Revenue
The newly redesigned and revamped site brought a 30% boost in revenue in 2020, compared to 2019.

24% Increase in Number of Transactions
Apricorn saw a 24% boost to transaction volume in 2020, compared to 2019.

5% AOV Growth
The new site also helped improve average order value by 5% in 2020, compared to 2019.

Looking to the Future
Here’s What’s Next
With major upgrades made to site performance and design, Apricorn is seeing enormous increases in their conversion rate transactions, and AOV. This proves the theory that their outdated design was holding them back. Redstage’s expertise helped them find exactly what they needed, implementing the project on time and within budget. Moving forward, Apricorn can focus on their industry leading product and thought leadership content. They’re set up for success and we look forward to supporting them as their business begins to scale in the months ahead.


The Client

Internet Software & Services
~15 Employees

The Agency

Jersey City, New Jersey
~210 Employees