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Kickstarter’s major success Bristly, the world’s first-ever “DIY” toothbrush for dogs, was facing one of the most detrimental issues of fame - impersonators.

Soon after the product launched for sale on Amazon, knock-off products were appearing alongside their own. Empawer, the company which developed the Bristly brand, tasked Rank Media Agency to enhance its Amazon strategy.

• Listing Optimization
• Listing Creation
• Brand Reputation Recovery
• Increase Sales
• Promote Listings
• Review Strategy


  • Branding Strategy
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising

After formulating a thorough and comprehensive strategy for Bristly, Rank decided to remove the original Bristly Brushing Stick listing from Amazon, as it was not feasible to attain the proper number of positive listings to get above the 4-star review threshold.

To increase their organic presence, Rank conducted keyword research and implemented a keyword strategy throughout all listings, which included proper Titles, Key Features, A+ Content and backend search terms.

After optimizing the content strategy for the entire product line, we relisted the flagship product and began focusing on generating reviews.

Working with Amazon Vine and other early review programs, we helped bolster initial reviews, which enabled us to launch profitable PPC campaigns in a quicker amount of time than it would’ve taken organically.

Now armed with expertly enhanced listings and five-star reviews, the time had come to launch its paid advertising campaign to drive sales at the most profitable ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).


  • 389% Increase in Sales

In less than six months, the now-optimized Bristly listings improved organic sales, as well as month over month sales revenue and growth.

When Bristly launched a line of pet sushi treats, it immediately achieved “Top 50” status within the dog food subcategory.

We were able to deliver our client consistently low ACoS.

Thanks to successful advertising strategies, Rank delivered a month over month revenue growth of 389%

• Aggressive bidding on competitor products brought in new reoccurring customers.
• Took advantage of coupons. Not only do they incentivize users to purchase, but they also help products stand-out on the search results page.
• Pushed higher-value products and thus increased average order value by 15%.
• Used the Vine & Early Reviewers programs to generate reviews for products and thus increase the conversion rates on the product detail pages.

Amazon is now a significant part of the client’s revenue-generating channels. while maintaining a positive ROI from January 2020 to February 2020.

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