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Since launching in 1994, artist Patrick McDonnell’s internationally syndicated MUTTS comic strip has appeared in more than 700 newspapers in 20+ countries, with a print readership in the millions. In 2003, PRI joined forces with MUTTS to introduce its beloved cast of characters to an online audience.

The Challenge
Before 2003, MUTTS could only be found in the legacy world of print publishing. Cultivating MUTTS’ web presence meant building a robust e-commerce store, with 9,000+ unique SKUs, from the ground up. We also needed to convert longtime fans into digital subscribers while simultaneously forging connections with a new online audience. Beyond the technical requirements, we were also tasked with ensuring the entire customer journey reflected the MUTTS brand ethos, which focuses largely on animal rescue, animal rights advocacy, and kindness to the earth and all beings.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • E-Commerce

Our Analysis
Fans of MUTTS are drawn to the comic strip’s subtle, uplifting tone, and they feel a deep kinship with the illustrated characters. For the comic to translate seamlessly from print to screen, the site needed to feel not like a typical branded store, but like an extension of the strip itself.

Our Solution:
comfort, positivity, and transparency
We utilized imagery from the strip to develop detailed brand guides, which were foundational in our website design process and remain central to our ongoing marketing campaigns today. In our content strategies, we avoid the usual market-speak and instead talk directly to customers. On the site, we incorporated playful elements into our UI — from “doodle”-inspired loading icons to a subscription pop-up featuring animated paw prints. The customer journey elicits feelings of comfort and positivity, attracting subscribers who stick with MUTTS for the long haul.


  • 25% Increase in Sales

25% sales growth year over year
We utilize a robust, multi-channel approach (from direct marketing and drip campaigns to paid social media and retargeting ads) to bring the joy of MUTTS to customers around the world.

350,000+ followers… and counting
We stay connected with the MUTTS audience through authentic, upbeat, and mission-driven posts and interactions on social media. The vast majority of MUTTS’ social media traffic occurs naturally; it is common for individual posts to receive organic reaches in the hundreds of thousands.

37% open rate
Through thoughtfully crafted messaging and meticulous analytics testing, monitoring, and optimization, we’ve cultivated a loyal subscriber base with an email open rate of 37.2 percent — more than double the industry average.


The Client

~15 Employees

The Agency

Rockville Centre, New York
~30 Employees