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After several years of running a consumer-focused campaign, Spain’s No. 1 selling white wine region, D.O. Rueda, and D.O. Ribera del Duero, a world-renowned Tempranillo producer region, wanted to create trade alliances and ignite sales through a trade program in the U.S.


  • Branding Strategy
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Market intelligence showed that strengthening Ribera del Duero and Rueda’s trade campaign was essential to maximize case sales and amplify the campaign’s success. While the consumer campaign required different consumer activations for each region, the trade program needed to function together to best serve buyers and realize campaign efficiencies.

There was value and synergy in having trade representatives promote the regions together. Based on past experience, the team needed a framework to drive the trade’s path to purchase and persistently follow-through to close sales in order to establish a successful trade program.

Padilla constructed a comprehensive plan to strengthen the Ribera y Rueda campaign presence across a three-tier system. We developed a trade strategy that would promote depletions, secure new placements and build lasting awareness through commercial alliances. The program components included a turnkey importer and winery communication strategy, a national education program, multi-state distributor incentives and an aggressive point-of-sale programming. For the latter, Padilla focused primarily on multi-unit on-premise accounts that included staff training, staff incentive programs and by-the-glass promotions, as well as consumer education programs and dinners.


  • 10 Increase in New Members

In just 10 months of active partnership execution to date:
-Established a presence in seven primary markets and four secondary markets
-Negotiated point-of-purchase alliances and executed 10 partnerships across the U.S. (distributor, integrated retail chains, and national on-premise accounts) that included 300+ staff training, consumer tastings, and other digital and/or point-of-sale promotional components
-Developed a network of 70+ actively participating wine brands
-All report category sales growth from 20 to 100 percent

Ribera y Rueda Wine

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Ribera y Rueda Wine


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