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Increase in New Clients


Increase in New Leads


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As the oldest trade school located in Boston, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) traditionally held in-person recruitment events where students were shown the application process and potential future career paths.

When the pandemic hit BFIT was forced to rethink everything - especially recruitment. On behalf of the venerable brand, in less than 45 days, Overdrive launched a successful digital program and customer journey that completely prevented a deep loss of reputation and revenue.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Copy
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio
  • Online Advertising

Customer Journey - Overdrive planned and wireframed Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology's (BFIT) end-to-end customer journey from the first ad impression to the last email, and built all its required components in one shot.

Creative Collage/Persona Creation - Targeting was focused on personas built around BFIT’s various audience segments, including their primary market of 16 to 25-year-olds, career changers, and veterans looking to acquire a technical skill.

Banner Creative - Overdrive developed a series of banners around BFIT’s degrees of study based on high-demand career paths and deployed them across high-value online properties.

Social Advertising - Overdrive expanded BFIT’s reach into prospects’ social feeds, retargeting potential students with both program ads and universal messaging about BFIT’s partnerships with employers.

Persuasive Landing Pages Strategy - Overdrive created a series of landing pages, intent on keeping prospects in a conversion-oriented environment while they sought more information about BFIT’s programs, financial aid, and career paths.

Program Specific Landing Page - Program-specific pages were created in order to help potential students self-select their path before engaging with an Admissions specialist. Other program pages were included in the footer of each page for when prospects decided to explore a different path instead.

Retargeting Advertising - Overdrive deployed retargeting banners with messaging aimed at prospects who visited the landing page environment or abandoned their form.

Financial Aid Landing Page - Every program page links to the Admissions and Aid page, which informed prospects of the many different ways to afford a BFIT education, inviting them to connect with a counselor.

60 Second Application - To motivate prospects and showcase how easy the application process for BFIT was, a 60-second application landing page was launched.

Thank You Page - Overdrive created a highly engaging Thank You page that gave potential students the next step to continue the conversation, giving them more information regarding BFIT’s programs and learning environment.

Nurture program - Emails were deployed to prospects with different messaging points regarding BFIT’s affordability, employer partnerships, and programs to lead prospects down the funnel.

Integrated Media Planning and Management - Overdrive planned and continually optimized a comprehensive media program that included social media, paid search, and programmatic display advertising. The program also included selected radio buys. This ensured Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology's presence at key points of interest as well as user intent. The results captured the attention of the right audiences at the right time.


  • 58% Increase in New Clients
  • 157% Increase in New Leads
  • 47% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
  • 448% Increase in Pageviews

As a direct result of the program as described above, Overdrive was able to meet all requirements of the program for the client's enrollment year, while also reducing recruitment costs and maintaining a highly favorable brand in the marketplace.

Unsurprisingly, the client is continuing its integrated digital and broadcast recruitment program for the foreseeable future. The volume and quality of the applicants exceeded their expectations.

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