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Robert Allen
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Style and comfort are bound together. This particular combination makes Robert Allen company an outstanding custom furniture and fabrics producer and distributor. Onilab's task was to make a few improvements in the website design and performance to provide Robert Allen's customers with the finest service which can be compared only to its goods. The Challenge Onilab development team has delivered highly customized Magento solutions with an outstanding user experience as the client's aim was to provide its customers with deep insight into the fabrics and other elements related to furniture purchase and boost online sales. We were to present a new vision of the website design, which would allow buyers to estimate the offered goods on a product page much better, simplify the process of goods ordering and payment and make it as convenient as possible, which we did with the help of AB-testing and constant improvements. Company's primary goal was to achieve the following results: Reduce time required to process customers' orders; Improve server response time; Product customization extension; Make it possible to subscribe to the newsletter; Make it possible to filter products by catalog/ price/color/pattern, etc.


Development process Considering the UX and the attractiveness of the brand issue, we assigned the work to our E-commerce department and the designer. We succeeded in finding the best solution for the website design after a few A/B tests performed by our leading expert Vladimir. At the next stage our Magento developers, webpage designer, and QA engineer have joined the work. Owing to their efforts the website was taken to owing new level within several months. Thanks to our work the website now has a rich user interface which is highly scalable for the future expansion of the eCommerce website, including its functionality for managing the product catalog and third-party modules integration.


Magento optimization for peak performance of the website; Flexible, highly scalable solution for future expansion; Strong emphasis on user experience; Reduced time required to process customers orders; Improved server response time; Product customization extension; Third-party modules integration; Clean modern design.

~58 Employees
$25,000 Min Budget
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San Francisco, California

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