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Cole Haan
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Email marketing plays a key role in Cole Haan Japan’s e-commerce operations and is a major source of revenue for this iconic footwear brand. Each month we work in close collaboration with multiple departments there to design, code, and deliver hundreds of thousands of email newsletters to Cole Haan customers across Japan.


The business of email marketing is a lot like tracking a moving target across a shifting landscape, with new hardware devices and email clients and security measures appearing on the scene at regular intervals and with little warning. Ensuring that our emails reach their intended audience and display properly once delivered are fundamental requirements of the email marketing campaigns we execute, and to satisfy these we employ a combination of granular, optimized workflows and the best available technology tools. Three-stage, multi-party internal testing and the power of Litmus make it possible for us to dramatically reduce the chances of sending a broken email.


Impressive, solid, and sustained website traffic and online sales. We also create promotional content for the Cole Haan website and digital marketing campaigns, and you will find some examples of our design work below.

~16 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
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Shibuya, Tky [Tokyo]

Netwise is a Tokyo-based full-service digital creative and marketing agency. We work with international and foreign-owned firms to help them succeed online in Japan.

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