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A new catering business based in Noida, Gourmet Spice wanted to serve a premium clientele across Delhi NCR. Due to limited marketing spends, they required a digital push to help them in generating new enquiries, to help grow the business.

With heavy competition in the catering space, online marketing was turning out to be expensive for a small company. Even more difficult was the lead generation, as the client specifically wanted to cater to the premium segment of the market. Even when leads were generated, quick follow-up and nurturing of leads was required as catering requirements usually come up at the last hour, and are highly time sensitive.


  • Website Creation
  • Online Advertising

We designed a classy, high end website for the client, with dedicated and focussed landing pages. Each page targeted a specific need, to ensure optimum targeting and lead generation. We then researched the online market and search trends to discover high traffic, low cost keywords to ensure amazing search rankings. In this, we helped them kick start their online business generation through turbocharged digital campaigns, keeping their campaign costs low and optimised.


  • 200 New Leads
  • 80% Increase in New Users
  • 30% Increase in Sales
  • 50% Increase in New Leads

Within the first 3 months, over 90,000+ Impressions were generated, which resulted in over 200+ qualified leads. Combined with an efficient and easy to use CRM solution, the client was able to generate over Rs. 9.5 Lac in new business.

130 % Traffic Increase From SEO
80 % Increase in New Users
50 % Increase in Inquiries
30 % Revenue Increase

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Modifyed Digital

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Modifyed Digital

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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