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Stretch Zone
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Stretch Zone Miami is one of the world’s leading experts in practitioner-assisted stretching. Stretch Zone Miami has changed the fitness world by perfecting stretching techniques through years of practice and study. The result is the ultimate way to experience the amazing therapeutic benefits of stretching, Stretch Zone™ Miami has vastly improved upon stretching as just a warmup exercise, The Stretch Zone™ Method® makes a noticeable improvement on a person’s overall health, prevent injuries, increase recovery and enhance overall performance When Stretch Zone Miami approached us they wanted MEV to help them create a coherent company image on their social media networks and increase the number of followers and engagement.


Collaboration was our guiding principle from the beginning of the project. We worked side by side with Stretch Zone Miami chiropractors to rapidly prototype ideas and designs to improve their online presence. We developed a trusting, working relationship that allowed us to keep improving their performance. First of all, MEV’s team elaborated a brand strategy to make Stretch Zone Miami image coherent on all social media platforms to be used: Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter. Blue, black and white became Stretch Zone Miami’s identity colors. As part of MEV’s social media package, we went to Stretch Zone Miami’s locations and events to film and take photos of the chiropractors and patients while they were stretching. Our editing team edited all this material to be uploaded accordingly on the social media platforms. Our community managers uploaded on a daily basis all the material created and edited by MEV’s team to enhance the engagement with patients and prospective clients. Interaction with patients and responding to questions posted on the social networks were also activities that helped Stretch Zone Miami and their customers come closer. All these activities led to a substantial increase in the organic followers and engagement levels for Stretch Zone Miami. Finally, MEV also helped Stretch Zone Miami by running social media ad campaigns during certain periods of the year to boost the number of stretches.


Stretch Zone Miami had a constant growth in the number of followers and post engagement every week, which led to a better communication with the patients and a noticeable increase in the number of stretches.

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