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Increase in Conversion Rate


Korchmar is a 100-year-old family-owned company specializing in fine leather goods. Despite the quality of their products, online sales and their overall digital presence were lackluster. The website did not reflect the brand, the website traffic and conversion rates were low – they needed a complete overhaul to their digital presence.


  • Website Creation

A Quality Product Meets a Digital Transformation
Work with Us
Korchmar never imagined how a digital transformation would transform their brand. After a deep assessment, we consulted on web strategy, design, development, and marketing. We focused on creating an upscale site, which beautifully showcased their products and rich history. We then helped them execute multi-channel marketing campaigns. To sustain the increase in sales, we trained Korchmar on managing the storefront digitally.

Sleek Sophistication + Smooth Shopping Experience
We created a functional and sleek new website, which beautifully displayed their top-of-the-line products and compellingly rich history of the brand. We ensured that the entire user experience was seamless, enjoyable and elevated the Korchmar brand.


  • 182% Increase in Site Visits
  • 169% Increase in Conversion Rate

The Korchmar success story is what happens when a brand invests in digital expansion. They needed a strategic plan to grow their audience and online presence, and our robust marketing strategy took their web-based outreach to new heights. Korchmar was able to expand its brand, digital footprint, and ensure positive sales growth for the future. Their results have been astonishing, enjoying a whopping 647% increase in sales, 182% increase in web traffic and a 169% increase in conversion rate.

Korchmar Case

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Korchmar Case

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