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A Marketing Story by MAGNETIC Global about Pieology Pizzeria
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Pieology Pizzeria
Brand Development


In 2015, the Pieology brand had gained recognition as the “Chipotle of pizza". The restaurant chain was growing quickly. So was the threat of a disjointed brand and rapid threat of competition. Pieology hired MAGNETIC for market evaluation, organizational rebrand, and to revitalize the restaurant chain online and in-store in preparation for major franchise expansion.


Pieology underwent a complete brand strategy, brand development, and go-to-market strategy for it's franchise. The branding exercise included full creative visual overhaul, brand voice, narrative, and persona development, and audience alignment strategy. With the brand strategy complete, the team at MAGNETIC rolled the brand out digitally and across all storefronts. The Pieology personality was crafted into a new website, social media presence, community management, customer loyalty and engagement campaigns.


The results from the rebranding, design, and marketing efforts poured in as fast as the customers to the new Pieology stores. The restaurant chain experienced over 200% increase in traffic in-store and online. The franchised successfully launched over 100 new stores with full branding in-tact in less than 1 year and underwent an acquisition with Panda Express in the second year.

~54 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
3 Stories


Temecula, California | Knysna, California

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