Building a Sustainable Finance Brand

Longview Strategies + Reynders, McVeigh
Product Launch


Increase in Earned Media Impressions


With so much confusion about what successful sustainable investing looks like, how could one socially progressive investment manager tell the right story to grow its client base?

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management entered the market with a unique philosophy for the time. Its investment approach was not purely financial, nor was it a traditional SRI practice.

Our goal? Launching a financial services marketing strategy to help build credibility and develop a trusted brand.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Website Creation
  • Press

Based on the firm’s message, strategy and position in the marketplace, we developed a brand that emphasized a higher standard of investing. Central branding elements included a website that featured proprietary research, a tagline capturing the firm’s commitment to “Invest in Better,” and marketing materials that conveyed the full range of services.

Longview developed a platform of thought leadership to emphasize that the firm’s approach was essential to identifying risk and opportunity. Our team crafted discussion papers, commentary, and infographics to create a body of work that told the story. As momentum gathered, the website, social media, and media coverage worked together as a powerful content engine.


  • 200% Increase in Earned Media Impressions

-Impressions increased by 200%
-Engagement increased by 2,000%

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management grew significantly, and now manages and advises on a combined $6B+ in assets. Its strong reputation is based on the strength of its approach and the story it was able to tell. And there is still more to come as the firm continues to evolve.

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