Mandarin Mania: A New Brand Comes to Fruition

JP Marketing + Fowler Packing Company
Product Launch


When Fowler Packing Company needed a new brand quickly, we said bring it on.

The Challenge
Fowler Packing planted its first trees more than 20 years ago, and today, the company is one of the largest citrus growers in the industry. This summer, JP got the call that Fowler Packing was ready to branch out and develop its own mandarin brand. We always welcome the opportunity to build a brand from the ground up, so we took on the challenge of going up against some powerful brands–and a tight deadline.

Three weeks, to be exact.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Product Design

Producing the Look
Together with Fowler Packing, our creative team quickly brainstormed everything from name ideas to color palettes. We also did some not-so-secret shopping of the “other guys” in the produce aisle, and soon we were seeing orange all over the office.

A dozen logos and several pounds of mandarins later, the client decided on Peelz:

The smile humanizes the brand and warmly invites consumers to choose this brand of well-known fruit. The design direction opens the door to playful and purposeful elements, including developing a voice for the brand.

Swift Next Steps
Once the logo was selected and fine-tuned, we immediately began the packaging process. Our design team examined the competition and looked at packaging opportunities from every angle. How would the bags look in a produce section? What can we do to make Peelz stand out?

We took our new logo and applied it to the crucial elements: boxes and bags.

Designing to the technical aspects of packaging is not for the faint of heart. Our team successfully produced the items to every spec, and quickly switched gears to designing a big-picture display item: a trade show booth.

Branding in Full Swing
When you’re up against the cream of the mandarin crop, it’s important to introduce your new brand in a way that’s memorable, with a booth space that’s interactive and fun. For Produce Marketing Association’s largest trade show, we designed a putting green with custom Peelz golf balls as swag.


Fowler Packing launched Peelz into the industry with much praise and success, and the brand is set to hit stores in November. Since that first phone call, we’ve developed a logo, tagline, bags, boxes, landing page and trade show displays–and we did it all with a smile.

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