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Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Sales


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Fit for Me by Fruit of the Loom designs apparel that's made for curves.

When we began working with Fruit of the Loom’s sub-brand Fit for Me in 2015, we knew they had something special — their products were especially measured, cut, and sewn to better fit plus-sized women, rather than simply being the same product sized up.

Shifting from awareness to driving direct sales
Upon the launch of marketing efforts to support the brand in 2015, our focus was to grow awareness among our target audience and create a safe space for community engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

However, 5 years later, our marketing goals shifted as had the platforms themselves. Our objectives now encompass driving direct sales on, in addition to brand awareness and product introduction for the brick and mortar retail shopper. The social channels these women use have matured to reward paid social advertising rather than great organic social content alone. To be successful today, our challenge was to revise our content and advertising strategy to capture the Fit for Me team’s broader objectives, current paid social tactics, and modern platform best practices.


  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

Robust paid media strategy using Connected Content™

While we had incrementally evolved the strategy in 2018 and 2019, in early 2020 we helped Fit for Me transition to a fully realized performance marketing paid media program to meet their business goals, align with platform best practices, and drive revenue across, Amazon, and Walmart.

To do this, we diversified campaign objectives, re-aligned our content creation strategy, and re-considered our social advertising tactics to complement this new strategy. These campaign objectives were the cornerstone of our strategic evolution — we tailored creative recommendations and audience targeting based on our goals of driving website traffic and conversion. We also overhauled our UTM tagging and campaign naming conventions to more granularly highlight our Fit for Me paid social efforts and enhance our advertising attribution.

With this new strategy, we have expanded our Connected Content™ full funnel marketing approach by prospecting new audiences with evergreen social ads that highlight product benefits and influencer content. We were able to leverage years of learnings so we could efficiently ramp up our new tactics as we phased out the old. Our lower funnel, Connected audiences also get retargeted by this great influencer and product content, in addition to evergreen conversion tactics and advertising about promotions that support their curves – and the bottom line.


  • 35% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • 68% Increase in Sales
  • 110% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

Generating direct sales and higher return

Our new strategy worked! Our UTM parameters secured measurement clarity by distinguishing our results from the overall Fruit of the Loom brand paid social efforts. Once we redistributed our spend toward conversion objectives, we saw more revenue volume and higher ROAS. Plus, despite decreasing traffic objective spend YoY, we were able to drive more sessions at a lower cost. Comparing January - May 2019 vs. same period in 2020:

Overall, we spent 20% more YoY, and drove 61% more revenue for a 50% higher ROAS
With a 1% decrease in traffic objective spend YoY, we drove 52% more sessions to the site at a 110% lower cost per session
With a 50% increase in conversion objective spend YoY, we drove 68% more revenue and saw a 35% higher ROAS

- 110 % decrease in cost per session
- 68 % increase in revenue
- 35 % increase in ROAS

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