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The goal of this project was to develop a system which would be used by athletes as part of their extra curriculum activities in the school.


This activity works in the following manner; The athletes go out for selling products like cookies or popcorn and raise funds through the sales. These products are at discounted rates and that benefits both, customers and the athletes. The system which we developed supported the athletes to enter their sales date, view statistics/leaderboard, verify sales and much more which converted all the manual work into an automated process. Sales The athletes can enter the quantity of products sold for each customer. Also, what payment method was used; Cash, cheque or card. Map The app fetches the current location of the user whenever they add a new sale. This location then adds a pin to the map and other athletes can see this pin and decide wisely whether they should go to that place or not in order to save time or raise funds much more quickly. Online sales There are athletes who have contacts of people who would buy the products even being miles away from the athlete. Scoreboard app has a unique feature where the athletes can share a link to those customers and they can purchase it from their location. The products are then delivered in 2 weeks time. Prizes There are a few checkpoints between each fundraiser along with a target which the athletes need to achieve. If the targets are achieved then they get rewarded with exciting gifts. Example: Bag pack, hoodie or even cash amount. Leaderboard There are many athletes participating in each fundraiser. In order for them to stay motivated, a leaderboard displays the top athletes with quantity sold and amount raised. Donation & EZ Pay fundraisers There are 2 more types of fundraisers; Donation fundraiser which is used to raise funds but there are no products exchanged. EZ Pay fundraisers is used by athletes who do not have a smartphone and all their sales are entered by their coach.


The athletes raised more than 2 million dollars in just 6 months period.

~45 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
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