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German automobile giant Mercedes-Benz has been one of the foremost players in the Indian luxury car market. Its communication and brand identity has been undiluted across the world. In 2009, Maxposure launched the Mercedes-Benz magazine in India and has been publishing it ever since. Maintaining the content’s uniform global voice, Maxposure has been able to successfully reflect the brand’s strong positioning in India.


The content is tailored-made for the exclusive audience i.e. owners of high-end Mercedes-Benz cars, keeping their uber luxurious lifestyle in mind and at the same time delivering glocal content with a strong and consistent global tone in line with the international editions of the magazine. Maxposure has been able to seamlessly blend the content’s international and Indian tones. The magazine has been awarded for its exceptional content and design. We have also successfully strategized a multi-channel global content plan for the brand across various other platforms like digital, mobile app, videos, events and celebrity photo shoots. The brand required creating an interactive communication tool for its customers to inspire brand loyalty and also expand the customer base, and Maxposure was able to achieve the same through the print and digital editions of the magazine. We also coordinate with the brand to work on its content distribution channel and marketing alliances, etc. Maxposure used its relationships with other aligned brands like high-end hotels, spas, salons, business lounges et al to create marketing alliances for Mercedes-Benz and expand its reach. Maxposure has also helped the brand’s re-positioning initiatives to appeal to a more corporate and younger audience. We re-worked the content marketing strategy, introducing more youthful content and design structure in the magazine with brighter covers, interactions with younger celebrities, blogger interactions and photo shoots. This was in addition to creating a dynamic and interactive tablet application using animations, videos, etc. Today, we can claim that Maxposure has helped Mercedes-Benz in India transform into an omnichannel content marketing success story.

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