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Fidelity, a fourth generation family-owned bank bank in Kansas, realized they needed a singular strategic vision towards digital transformation. Executives saw how their legacy systems, siloed business lines, and outdated tech were no longer serving their employees or their customers.

Segregated digital initiatives with no overarching vision or leadership were colliding, with each department buying their own tech solutions and implementing band-aid fixes. A key initiative to win more of the sticky small business segment on the digital channel had been unsuccessful. The assumption that the target prospects had a high level of digital fluency proved to be incorrect.

While Fidelity wanted to grow their already impressive market share, a reactionary culture and approach to digital left executives feeling frustrated, with no one to guide them through their unique challenges and business goals on the digital channel.


In order to develop a bespoke, growth-driven digital strategy; we cultivated a deep understanding of Fidelity’s market, segments, tech stack, and heretofore unseen opportunities.

Critically, we evaluated prospect and customer relationships, attitudes, and behaviors. Extractable takes a customer insight-driven, technology-enabled approach. To pave the way for digital transformation, the roadmap must identify the offerings and technologies that would allow those relationships to blossom — and ultimately to achieve business results. We garnered these hard-won insights from extensive qualitative and quantitative research.

We then socialized that approach with the management team and acted as evangelists for their co-created strategic vision. At the same time, we assisted in the buildout of the permanent digital team that could support and uphold that vision for years to come.

Fundamentally, establishing a unique strategic profile of Fidelity’s goals, market opportunity, and customer needs lays a foundation for the right digital experiences — and a path forward.


We armed Fidelity with a strategic digital vision designed to build upon and extend the community bank’s leadership, and ultimately position Fidelity as a leader in assets, growth, and customer satisfaction.

We developed omnichannel personas and journeys to inform where precisely customer pain points led to drop offs in applications, or caused unnecessary friction.

We created high-fidelity prototypes, pointing a north star towards the types of convenient and useful digital services customers were asking for.

The digital roadmap we provided acts as a blueprint for action, a guide to aligning teams and integrating legacy technology systems across the organization.

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Fidelity Bank / Oklahoma Fidelity Bank

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