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A regular and long term partner of Encore’s, Fiat wanted to drive awareness, consideration and ultimately sales of their Fiat Professional range. This was targeted to SMEs and sole traders that worked in specific sectors, particularly their Doblo and Ducato models. Examples of the sectors that they wanted to reach include: Building Contractors, Gardeners, Engineers, Water Companies, and Plumbing and Heating companies.

The main KPI of the campaign was acquisitions in the form of test drive requests, brochure downloads and dealer locator requests.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using Encore’s exclusive partnership with Sophus3, we were first able to draw insights into how automotive audiences are behaving on car manufacturer sites. This was done specifically on Van and business pages, to determine how we should be targeting those engaging with users in need of a Doblo and Ducato or one of their competitors. With this insight we built and activated custom contextual segments which included keyword groups for industry specific contextual targeting to model specific targeting.

Encore also created a calendar of events to reach relevant professions/industries. CTR hit 1.37% when the Commercial Vehicle Show (SMMT) occurred in Birmingham – one of the biggest events in commercial automotive and the highest number of leads came during the International Motor Show in Barcelona, at which FIAT Professional featured. This campaign was delivered through high impact skin formats for maximum exposure.

Services used:
• Exclusive OEM Website Insights
• Custom Contextual
• Bespoke Event Targeting
• High Impact Creative Execution


• Click-Through Rate of 1.37%.
• Reached a CTR of 1.37% without event targeting strategy.
• Vehicle Show generated most leads.
• Targeting content around the SMMT Consumer Vehicle Show generated more leads than any other strategy in the campaign.
• Each acquisition only cost £74.
• Overall Cost per acquisition of £74 against an ambitious target of £80.

Fiat Professional

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Fiat Professional

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