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T-Systems is one of the largest European IT services companies, serving customers such as Volkswagen, Royal Dutch Shell, Philips, Airbus, and of course...its better-known sister company T-Mobile.

Understanding complete buying cycles was impossible due to lack of online tracking/analytics methods Lack of understanding for what type of digital content U.S. buyers may be interested in A new product offering was developed...for a problem the market didn't yet know they had Leads generated at trade shows were going cold when they weren't ready to immediately buy


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Email Marketing

Install and setup marketing automation software to properly track and nurture leads
Begin creating and testing premium content offers to start to understand demand
Develop a downloadable presentation that CFO's can use to educate their colleagues about the need for a new pharmaceutical recommendation software
Setup ongoing automated lead nurturing emails to keep aging leads engaged

Building the Platform
HubSpot, a robust marketing automation software, was installed and customized for T-Systems' enterprise-level needs. Automated nurturing workflows and emails were developed providing the sales team a way to keep leads engaged early in the buying cycle until they were mature.

Designing the Campaign
CFOs at hospitals, insurance companies, and healthcare groups were identified as target buyers needing resources to help them articulate the need for a new massive, cost-saving software. Buyer and competitive research was performed in order to develop a robust buyer persona complete with a content journey map.

Driving Traffic
Cold and retargeting campaigns were developed on LinkedIn to present ads to targeted CFOs informing them of a marketplace shift that would impact their profits. The ads pointed to a landing page where they could download a pre-made presentation, complete with presenter notes, to help them articulate the urgency of making big moves ahead of the marketplace shift.

Converting Visitors
Variations of landing pages were created and regular A/B tests were run to increase conversion rates to a point that delivered positive return on ad spend (ROAS) within the first 6 weeks. SMART content was employed to customize the landing page messaging based on the demographics of the recognized visitor.

Measuring Performance
Once the campaign launched, daily analysis of form submission, open, click, and engagement rates guided the optimization efforts of this campaign. More importantly, it set a benchmark of success to measure against for future, similar campaigns.


  • 354% Increase in Click-through Rate

Following the initial setup of their marketing automation system, T-Systems was finally able to properly track and promote online marketing campaign efforts. Additionally, for the first time, they could assign proper attribution to appropriate mediums, channels, and online publishers.

Lead nurturing emails saw above-average click-thru rates of 33.3%. And with their first closed deal attributed to these efforts, they were able to realize more than 100% return on both ad spend as well as ROI on agency and software spend combined.

32.1% Nurturing Email Open Rate
33.3% Nurturing Email Click Rate
354% Increase in Email Click Through Rate

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