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As R&W Metal was undergoing an expansion that included the size of the location as well as their number of employees and products, they needed to refresh their branding to create a more professional first impression that would represent the quality of products they work so hard to produce. Since R&W Metal already had a brand that resonated with their current customers, we didn’t want to do a complete re-haul of the logo, but rather just refresh it slightly to give it a sleek and modern touch. Finding the right balance for the refresh would be the challenge we had to face.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Creation

We decided to keep the main symbol of the “R” looking like it was cut out of a piece of metal so as not to disrupt the previous branding too much. We did however, present 3 variations of a refined logo that included different colours as well as gradients to compliment the cut out symbol. Furthermore, we played with the font of the logo creating more space between the ‘R’ and the ‘W’ to make the name much sharper and the logo as a whole more balanced.


By adding a pop of blue throughout the brand materials including business cards, brochure, letterhead and the website (view other materials), we successfully created a unique and abstract brand that fits within the industrial line of work that R&W Metal is in.

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