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Finding the right Leatherman is no small task. With so many varieties of products and combinations of tools the purchase path can be daunting, especially when shopping for a gift.

Working closely with the Leatherman team we were able to develop a simple to use, easy to maintain, and fully scalable guided shopping solution. By leveraging the extensive knowledge of the their products and consumers, Leatherman was able to provide the data that we needed in order develop this highly accurate tool.

The Tool Finder has now become a staple of the Leatherman site and has stood the test of time over multiple holiday seasons.

Delivering results, one customer at a time.


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  • Product Design

How do I find the perfect Leatherman?
Not sure about the difference between a straight blade and awl? Uncertain if your nephew really needs that replaceable C4 Punch? Don't worry, you are not the only one.

Not only does the Leatherman product line serve the uses of everyone from weekend DIYers all the way to Navy SEALs, but roughly 30% percent of their users are purchasing for someone else. With all those factors, choosing the correct tool can be very difficult. Often times when users are faced with a large number choices, they tend to retract rather than to engage in the purchase process.

The goal of the Tool Finder was to gently guide the user through the various decisions needed in order to get to the most relevant products.

Users are presented with a series of dynamic questions based on their previous answers. By presenting the user with these choices in small chunks they feel more equipped to proceed through the purchase path. After they have completed all of the relevant questions, the user is presented with their top 3 matches in a comparision view for quick analysis.


  • 44% Increase in Conversion Rate

44% increase in conversion for users that interact
102% increase in conversion during holiday
5 simple steps to find the perfect product

The Tool Finder has been a massive success for the Leatherman brand and their customers. This guided shopping experience helps drive customers to the most relevant products while also gathering preference data to allow the Leatherman team to continually innovate their products and offerings.


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